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An Discussion Of Cloud Computing Is More Pricey In Comparison To Normal Web Hosting?

Any consumer can have a difficult time choosing the kind of hosting that would suit his or her needs. With web hosting or colocation, anyone can have his or her own space on the Internet. You can choose from many different web hosting companies on the market today. First off, most companies offer dedicated traditional hosting. With this type of web hosting, you rent an entire server exclusively for your own use. The second type of web hosting is cloud hosting, which is now steadily gaining popularity. Cloud hosting involves an inter link of several server. The consumer is only charged for the amount of processing power he or she uses. So we ask the question: is cloud hosting cheaper or more more expensive than traditional hosting? In traditional hosting, the consumer has to pay for the entire server. The same amount has to be paid every month regardless of the resources being consumed.

This can be quite an expensive amount for people who do not need to use so many resources. With a traditional server you have to pay the same amount monthly. Although traditional hosting may be more expensive in this sense, it provides backup and technical support for its customers. All these services are not free and these add to the already huge expenses of the traditional hosting servers. Most websites, however, don’t get millions of website hits daily. That’s why even though you’re not using any service, you still have to pay the fixed charges at the end of the month. It is not convenient for them to pay money for an entire month only to have a few visitors on a few days.

It’s more economical for consumers to pay for only the amount of services they used up. Cloud hosting has been developed to respond this demand.

Most consumers now prefer to just get a cloud host. A usage-based billing method is used in cloud hosting. This means that your monthly bill will depend on how much you use. Most people are unaware of cloud hosting. But we’ve all used cloud hosts in one way or another even though we may not be aware of it. For instance, Google, Yahoo, and other similar search engine or service providers are part of the cloud hosting system.

Contracts with cloud hosts are also less restrictive. Cloud hosting is also more efficient than a traditional server, since the latter makes use of only 60% of its capacity. You can save lots of resources, such as time, money, space, and electricity with cloud servers, since fully loaded cloud hosting can handle as much work as five traditional servers. Cloud hosting is more suitable for those clients whose websites experience heavy traffic occasionally or for a few days. This will be a more cost efficient option. Buying or renting a server, however, is still the better choice if your website gets thousands of hits daily. Traditional hosting can be more cost efficient in that case because a fixed fee could be more beneficial.

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